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Overcome the challenges of Time to Build, Scalability, and Reliability by mastering the latest development framework from the leading experts in the industry today.


How do I create software solutions that I can safely and quickly Build, that will Grow with my business both in scale and in features and easily Connect with my existing systems in today’s cloud based world?

You need a simple dependable pattern that you can use with your team to produce quick reliable results that the business will accept that will run seamlessly in the cloud without breaking the budget.

Core tools that will support you and your team as you build the software and the business will run on for years.

The Event Systems approach will allow you to get out of the pattern of the month club and unlock the power to build web scale applications.

How This Framework is Being Used Today

Fortune 50 companies have been dealing with the complexity of existing systems and the difficulty encountered to add new functionality.

The solution to this problem has existed for over a decade.

You haven’t heard of it because the world’s largest institutions have the leading experts that know how to fix the problem working for them

For example, WalMart has deployed the framework that you are about to learn about to replace their global supply chain that drives their eCommerce platform.

The framework is called Event Systems. There are some simple, but critical differences in this approach.

The first is how we approach the design. We start by answering straight forward business questions and then map these one-to-one to the technical plan.

Next we build Micro-Components that are self contained “lego” blocks. For each lego we identify correct component segmentation, detailed command, event, and model sequencing.

And finally, we compose these blocks into scalable, connected and flexible systems.

All of this is delivered without touching the existing systems or building a new legacy system.

Where You’ll Be After Taking This Course

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Once you learn this pattern you’ll never want to go back
  • Once you eliminate complexity, speed up development cycles and experience the stability of the Event Systems approach, you will never go back to the old way of building systems
You’ll understand
  • The core principles you need to be successful with any project and avoid FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)
The path to designing the solution is a straight line from the business need
  • What problem does the business need to solve, where do I get the data to build the EventChains™ and run the model.
You’ll know how to build things from end-to-end
  • Our courses are designed for teams who are ready to get an Event Systems project into production.
You’ll build better, more stable solutions that will let you sleep at night
  • Complexity is the enemy of stability. Simple and accurate is the outcome of an Event Systems approach making your implementation stable from the start.
You’ll deliver the right features and value to the business faster than ever before
  • The path from design to implementation is short and direct by limiting the scope to only the data needed to answer a particular question. On the other hand, the system is extensible in the same linear fashion so you can keep adding data streams that deliver new features at the same rapid pace.

Event Systems Mastery Modules

This Newest Training Covers Every Aspect of Event Systems Development

Event Driven | Event Sourced | CQRS | DDD | Event Modeling | Event Storming | Enterprise Integration

Our comprehensive training program follows the Event Systems Development Methodology

which has five core elements each of which can be between 1 or 2 days depending on how deeply they are covered. This program will walk you or your team through each step required to be successful in creating, building, and running Event Systems of any size.

The Event Horizons process will work with any programming language or tool stack. This program is focused on giving you a strong and comprehensive experience with each of the required elements.

At the end of this course you will have both hands on experience and a solid understanding of each of the core elements and features needed to build any type of Event System (Event Driven, Event Sourced, CQRS, DDD, Event Modeling, Event Storming, and the patterns of Enterprise Integration) You will be secure in your knowledge of how to use them to create your next blockbuster application.

Ask about our Bespoke training options which allows us to tailor a custom package for your team that will keep your project moving forward while giving your team members the formal training needed for ongoing success.

Event Systems Mastery Modules


Designing Event Systems

How to work with the business to build the right thing

Using Event Storming and other tools to work with the business on creating the top level design for your next application. This topic will introduce you and your business team to the fundamentals of Event Based applications. How they work, what opportunities they offer, and where to use them.

Students will exit this module with an understanding of Event Based applications, the terms used, and basic patterns


Specifying Micro-Components

How to specify exactly what the team is going to build before you start

This topic will take a basic system design and walk you through how to decompose it into an implementable systems specification. We will learn how to identify correct component segmentation, detailed command, event, and model sequencing. We will also cover using the model to find missing requirements and create complete command, event, and model schemas. We will use Event Modeling to create detailed timelines for each component and also an event timeline for the top level system behaviors.

Students will exit this module with an understanding of how to decompose a system design into a formal system specification thus allowing predictable implementation estimates and sharing work across distributed teams.


Implementing Micro-Components

Standard basic event sourcing course

In this topic students will learn how to code the fundamentals of Event Based components. We will implement fully specified components into code. We will learn how to write, test, and deploy working code from the specification to create compute agnostic component’s that can be included in either monoliths or serverless implementations.

Students will exit this module with an understanding of how to take a fully specified Event Model and create a working component. They will know how to create unit and integration test for the component and how to implement the components business rules.


Composing Event Systems

Standard advanced course

In this topic students will create a complete Event System from components. They will write the top business level features that bring together the emergent behavior of the underlying components. We will also cover how to implement multiple workflows and incorporate application changes *without* modifying the core components. This will also cover the fundamentals of queuing and scaling in Event Systems as we solve application problems with process managers and messaging patterns from PoEI.

Students will exit this module with an understanding of how to build an event system from components, create process managers, leverage messaging patterns, and create scalable applications.


Operating Event Systems

Advanced ++

In this class students will learn how to use the composable nature of the Queues, Process Managers, and Components along with the queue metrics to deploy, operate, monitor, and scale Event Systems. We will take a built and tested Event System and implement the monitoring required to successfully operate it in production. We will then deploy the application in multiple different configurations from monolith to mirco-service, to serverless by parts both on premise and in the cloud. We will discuss how to implement reactive self-scaling instances using various methods including K8 and docker.

Students will exit this module with an understanding of how to instrument, deploy and operate a dynamically scalable event system in multiple environments

Course Options

Building Micro-Components

  • Modules: Specifying (2) & Implementing (3)
  • Building Lego bricks (smaller systems)

This is our version of the introduction to Event Sourcing course. It has its origins in Greg Young’s famous “CQRS, DDD and Event Sourcing” course offering. Here we’ve taken our experience from years of implementation and the new patterns we’ve found useful over the 15 years since we first worked with Greg.

This course will give you the foundation blocks of specifying and building Event Driven systems of any type.
This will cover how to define well crafted events, and how to use them in driving micro-components ( Aggregates / microservices / serverless). We will define the correct service boundaries and components as well as how to test the system to ensure correctness.

If you need the foundations of how to build any type of event driven or event sourced system this is the course for you.

Composing Event Systems

  • Modules: Designing (1) & Composing (4)
  • Assembling Lego kits (larger systems)

This is our version of the advanced Event Sourcing course. It has its origins in Greg Young’s famous “Advanced / Intensive CQRS, DDD and Event Sourcing” course offering. Here we’ve taken our experience from years of implementation and the new patterns we’ve found useful over the 15 years since we first worked with Greg.
In this course we will move beyond the “aggregate” and see how to compose multiple tested and trusted components into scalable systems using the advanced patterns of Event Sourced and Event Driven systems.

If you’ve found yourself needing to move beyond the simple patterns of Event Sourced aggregates into more scalable, connected and flexible systems this is the course for you.

Operating Event Systems

  • Module: Operating (5)
  • Running Lego kits

This is a course that until recently was only available for large private training offerings. This course covers how to unlock the power of the application mesh and messaging architecture to create robust, scalable, and dynamic applications that are reliable and let you sleep at night and enjoy your weekends.

See how to leverage the inherent monitorability of message driven systems to correctly size and dynamically extend your running systems in production.

If you are planning on, or currently have a message driven or event sourced system in production this is the course for you.

Additional Training

  • Event System Modeling Seminar 
    • Modeling with your business team – bringing your business and tech teams together

This one day seminar based on Event Storming and Event Modeling will get you and your business users ready to succeed with a new Event Systems or Event Sourced project. After your technical team is trained and ready to start your next project use this course to integrate your business owners into the process.

We will work with you on your actual application and you will exit the day with a working specification that you and your development team can start to implement.

If you are starting any type of Event Driven application project this is the seminar for you and your team.

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