Stop running your business in the rearview mirror

See Your Future Clearly with EventHorizon Forecaster™

Build EventChains™ from your existing systems to provide faster, more affordable and accurate forecasts for your business.

Your legacy systems don’t talk to each other making accurate forecasting almost impossible.

How expensive are these problems for your business?

Managing Your Business With Excel

Are you copying and pasting from many different systems into Excel. Whether the data comes from reports or queries, it is impossible to synchronize the different systems making the reports tedious to create and error prone. Our approach pushes only the data needed to support the specific forecast that you need.

Inability to Access Your Real Time Analytics

Is it taking weeks to prepare reports that are out of date by the time they are finished? We build a ledger of relevant data sources that provides real-time, accurate information. These EventChains™ are used to model and predict future what-ifs.

Flawed Strategies & Failed Solutions

Did you try to solve the problem with web hooks? What about a data lake or ERP which attempt to solve this problem by using a single database to represent the entire business. None of these approaches fares much better than Excel. We push only necessary data from any legacy system to create an accurate ledger of any value.

How Our Solution Is Different.

Push Don’t Pull Data

Event adaptors are configured for each legacy system – We publish (PUSH) every time an event occurs in the legacy system – Real-time, accurate values are calculated for each event – By creating this EventChain™, we can calculate the current value without a query to the legacy system.

EventChain™ Database

The EventChain™ Database stores the event stream data from the Event Adaptors. Data can be pushed back to the Event Adaptors and into the legacy systems.

Business Processor

Configures the business logic to create reports – Accurate data from the EventChain™ Database produces accurate current state and forecasts. Things like projected cash needs, shipping schedule and inventory forecast can be reviewed in real time.

What YOU can do with EventHorizon Forecaster™

Optimize reporting, get valuable insights, and streamline decision making to grow your business.

How Companies Just Like Yours Are Using This Solution

Forecasting the services capacity needed to fulfill current orders.
Determine the 30 day cash position after accepting a large PO.
Estimating delivery timelines for work in progress
Anticipating and reporting breach conditions.
Modeling the financial viability of new markets.


The approach was a perfect fit when building a system with multiple clients that needed to be fully auditable. It saved us time and reduced complexity by aligning the natural data model with the needs of our domain. In addition, having a system built around testable aggregates enabled us to easily distribute the development work while ensuring a fast and straightforward integration process at the end of each development cycle.

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Josh Kempner
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James has the most detailed technical understanding out of everyone I have had the pleasure to work with. From top level architecture down to CPU instructions and everything in-between, he uses his outstanding expertise to consistently deliver high performance, robust code that meets the business need. 10/10 would work with again.  

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Timothy Coleman
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Chris has an uncanny ability to solve very difficult problems. His strategic vision also led to a common architecture across multiple product lines in the in-vivo imaging product space. His architecture facilitated rapid development across each product line.  

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Jay Powell
Principal Software Engineer
I have had the pleasure of working with James on multiple projects throughout my career. James stands out as the the best combination of deep technical skills, engaging style and pragmatism. It’s rare to have such broad knowledge, almost impossible to match that to deep theoretical understanding, and to bring those two together pragmatically isn’t something I’ve seen anyone do as well as James.  

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Nick Browne