Getting data from multiple systems to forecast is complicated.

Business Forecasting Using EventChains™

Tailored software solutions to provide faster, more affordable and accurate forecasts for your business.

Our Solutions

Tailor our solution to your existing systems and forecasting needs.

Solve your finance, logistics and inventory forecasting problems with our proprietary enterprise platform. The forecasts you need to run your business.

Professional Services

Our team has delivered successful Event Systems projects globally for 20+ years. We provide everything from pure advisory, co-development and fully turnkey services.


The most comprehensive, advanced training available for Event Systems. Our bespoke version is tailored to your specific project and can deliver a working MVP or POC.

Get the true benefit of the cloud.

Is your cloud hosting bill massively more expensive than the original on premises implementation?

We can show you why and how to fix the problem.
Systems thinking outputs a one-to-one mapping of business logic to system design
Data queries reduced by an order of magnitude
Events are sequenced and data can't get lost
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Our methodology delivers successful projects.

As you go through our discovery process, you will understand why our Systems Thinking approach sets you up for success.

Delivery time improved by
Code reduced by
Operating costs lowered by
Defects decreased by
Project success rate

Our discovery process delivers a roadmap for project success.

During our discovery process we work with you to quickly produce a clearly documented project definition, scope, and architecture to give you confidence that your project with us will be successful.

We solve the hard problems up front.

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Each system component is designed to run independently and at scale.

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Data Integrity

Event Sourcing provides an ordered and durable foundation to keep every part of your system in sync with simple scalable approaches.

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By designing the system as a set of independent components, the system as a whole will keep functioning even in the face of partial failure.

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Stop playing at Disaster Recovery Theater and use proven and tested techniques to recover from failure quickly and correctly.

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Take back control of your Microservices. From design to implementation, your entire team will understand how the system works.

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Our designs work across implementation approaches.

By focusing on proven fundamental principles, we can easily work with micro-services, serverless, cloud native, relational, no-SQL, event sourced, and other components.

Understanding your business to build your distributed systems.

Leveraging the Theory of Constraints we can help you understand both implicit and explicit constraints within your problem space to give you unparalleled options to build the best possible solution for your needs.


The approach was a perfect fit when building a system with multiple clients that needed to be fully auditable. It saved us time and reduced complexity by aligning the natural data model with the needs of our domain. In addition, having a system built around testable aggregates enabled us to easily distribute the development work while ensuring a fast and straightforward integration process at the end of each development cycle.

LinkedIn Profile

Josh Kempner
Systems Architect
James has the most detailed technical understanding out of everyone I have had the pleasure to work with. From top level architecture down to CPU instructions and everything in-between, he uses his outstanding expertise to consistently deliver high performance, robust code that meets the business need. 10/10 would work with again.  

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Timothy Coleman
Distributed Systems Engineer
Chris has an uncanny ability to solve very difficult problems. His strategic vision also led to a common architecture across multiple product lines in the in-vivo imaging product space. His architecture facilitated rapid development across each product line.  

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Jay Powell
Principal Software Engineer
I have had the pleasure of working with James on multiple projects throughout my career. James stands out as the the best combination of deep technical skills, engaging style and pragmatism. It’s rare to have such broad knowledge, almost impossible to match that to deep theoretical understanding, and to bring those two together pragmatically isn’t something I’ve seen anyone do as well as James.  

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Nick Browne


Great collaborations start with a conversation.
Let’s see if your project aligns with our methodology and values.
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