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Let’s build a software project delivery team that fulfills your technical requirements and business forecast needs.

Our Teams Help You

Overcome these technical roadblocks
You need data
from multiple existing systems that don’t talk to each other.
You’ve been working on a solution
to get accurate, easier to update forecasts for as long as you can remember.
You keep running into the problem
of inconsistent data, inflexible models and long, manual and expensive processes.

Our team works with you to overcome these common roadblocks by bringing many years of experience delivering this type of solution to global enterprises.

Expert Technical Advisors

Ensure that your project gets across the goal line
with proven process and tools

Event Storming

A clear definition of what the business goals are in simple terms that the entire team can understand and sign off on

Event Modeling

Build a system that is a one-to-one mapping of the business deliverables

Proven Tool Kits

Strong tool kits shorten development timelines

Years of Project Success

Align teams and anticipate problems that are out of the project team’s control

Decoupled Components

Lower risk of cascading failures – problems in one area do not spread

Testing Frameworks

Testing both technical and business requirements is straight forward

Data Model

EventChains™ are an adaptable and extensible data model that allow us to incorporate new and unexpected feature requests with a linear cost

Deployment & Operations Model

Production proven monitoring and deployment support model

Avoid the Legacy Swamp

Leave your existing systems to do what they do best

Using our proprietary EventHorizon Forecaster™ platform we are able to deliver the exact functionality you need without the additional cost scope and risk of modifying your legacy systems.
The built in Connectors allow us to consume legacy data as EventChains™ without the risk and cost of legacy data integrations.
We also avoid the cost of building yet another legacy native application such as a new Data Lake report or ERP module.
Event Horizon’s proprietary process allows us to deliver immediate value against the project goals plus provides visibility into long term viability of the Event Systems approach.
Initial project success is only the first step, giving your team the tools to support and expand the project in the long term is the big win with Event Horizon.

We Have Flexible Ways to Work With You

We can advise, co-develop, or deliver complete projects


Our teams collaborate on the design, development and delivery of the project. We align the work against team member capabilities and can backfill any necessary skill sets. We also use a teach-the-team-to-fish approach with ongoing skill transfer to your team.

Full Project Delivery

For companies looking for a fully delivered solution, we also offer a complete project delivery model. We take on the full development and deliver a finished product. We can even provide hosting and support.

Over the past 20 years, our team has provided advisory services to dozens of successful projects in many verticals.

Financial Services
Health Services
Medical Systems


The approach was a perfect fit when building a system with multiple clients that needed to be fully auditable. It saved us time and reduced complexity by aligning the natural data model with the needs of our domain. In addition, having a system built around testable aggregates enabled us to easily distribute the development work while ensuring a fast and straightforward integration process at the end of each development cycle.

LinkedIn Profile

Josh Kempner
Systems Architect
James has the most detailed technical understanding out of everyone I have had the pleasure to work with. From top level architecture down to CPU instructions and everything in-between, he uses his outstanding expertise to consistently deliver high performance, robust code that meets the business need. 10/10 would work with again.  

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Timothy Coleman
Distributed Systems Engineer
Chris has an uncanny ability to solve very difficult problems. His strategic vision also led to a common architecture across multiple product lines in the in-vivo imaging product space. His architecture facilitated rapid development across each product line.  

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Jay Powell
Principal Software Engineer
I have had the pleasure of working with James on multiple projects throughout my career. James stands out as the the best combination of deep technical skills, engaging style and pragmatism. It’s rare to have such broad knowledge, almost impossible to match that to deep theoretical understanding, and to bring those two together pragmatically isn’t something I’ve seen anyone do as well as James.  

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Nick Browne